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My greatest discovery is knowing that we can alter our lives by changing our thoughts.

Georgia-based Virtual
Therapy for
Idealistic Teens,
Families, and 


Are you ready to

live a life of greater happiness and

authenticity, experience satisfying relationships,

be true to yourself, do some things imperfectly, know your

worth, and develop self-compassion.


Hi, I am Jenea,


At The Balancing Bar, I work with teens and adult individuals, including couples, and families, located in the state of Georgia, who struggle with high standards and self-criticism which creates difficulty for them and their experience of themselves, their relationship to others, or how they are interacting with the world.

As a perfectionist, life can be overwhelming leading to increased levels of anxiety, depression, high levels of stress, and suicide risks. In a supportive and safe environment, I will guide you as you develop life-changing habits that will help you cope with any of life’s various obstacles. I will guide your thinking and feeling through situations, dissect personal issues and provide you with effective tools to help you see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Start  Today

by giving yourself permission to make mistakes

and to live a perfectly imperfect life.

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Special Interests

Late Adolescents

Young Adults





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Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, the anxiety you are experiencing is persistent, uncontrollable, and overwhelming. If it's excessive, it can be disabling. Anxiety is one of the most frequently occurring mental health issues that people struggle to manage.

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The majority of us will experience sadness at certain times during our lives, as sadness is a common emotion. While sadness eventually fades away and is temporary, it is normal to experience it every once in a while. Depression (major depressive disorder) is common; however, a severe medical condition that can decrease functionality at work and home daily. 

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Stress Management

Stress may feel constant in your life. However, it doesn't have to overwhelm you. Learn to take control! I will help you add some very valuable tools to your toolbox and develop stress management skills to help you identify the actual sources of stress in your life.

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Premarital Counseling

Newly engaged? Pre-marital counseling may be for you. Pre-marital counseling is a safe haven for couples to have open and honest conversations before marriage and help them snuff out potential growth areas in their relationship.

Happy family
Family Dynamics

Family dynamics are considered the interactions among family members or the patterns of interactions. Each family system and its dynamics are unique in its own way, although there are some common patterns. All families have some helpful and some unhealthy dynamics.

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Your self-esteem is your overall sense of value, self-worth, and opinion of yourself. When you have healthy self-esteem, you tend to think positively about yourself and be optimistic about life. When experiencing low self-esteem, you tend to see yourself, your future, and the world more negatively and critically. 


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